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How do we collect the specimens for tumor markers?

Venipunture procedure is performed by withdrawing 10 mL of blood from patient's median cubital vein. Once the blood is drawn, the specimen will be place in a red-top vacutainer tube.

How Does Tumor Markers Test Works?

The healthcare team will send the blood specimen to the diagnostic lab. The main key of this test is to scan the level of tumor markers. These substances which are found in higher-than-normal levels in the blood, urine, or tissues of some people with cancer , which are also called biomarkers, can be made by the tumor. They can also be made by healthy cells in response to the tumor. Tumor marker tests check to see if you have these substances in your body and in certain range of amounts. Along with other tests, tumor marker tests can help doctors diagnose cancer and recommend a treatment plan for an individual.