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For individual or company, let us customise your health profile test.

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Need an early health screening to ensure you are in a clean bill of health? Concerned if you may have Covid-19?
Prefer convenient medical check-up at your home or office?

Look no further. Leave it to Oxford Diagnostics Sdn Bhd.
Fast. Accurate. Personalised. Professional in every way.
These are the values which define our quality medical laboratory services where accurate and fast results matter most and our personalised attention gives you the comfort and assurance of your health.
In short, we speak your language of healthcare.

Choose from our health screening tests:

The pandemic has hit the world seriously and hence, it is important for you to get tested of Covid-19 before it is too late. We offer the following Covid-19 tests.

( Rapid Test Kit - Antigen Test )

( Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction )

Blood and urine tests serves as an indicator or initial broad medical screening instrument for any disease or abnormality. We provide individual and corporate blood and urine packages that best suit your budget and needs.

The Corporate durug testing they are have 2 different package, These of package A and Package B. Package A are include by Amphetamine, Opiate, Benzodiazepine, Cocaine, and THC/Cannabinoids. Pacakge B have Opiate, Cocaine, and THC/Cannabinoid.

Foreign Workers Screen "Female"(FWSF):
*Malaria Parasite, HBs Antigen, HIV, Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL), Urine Opiates & Cannabinoids Urine FEME ,Urine Pregnancy Test

Oxford Pink Platinum Package

Oxford Platinum Package

Oxford Premier Package

DNA profiling is the most accurate and specific when it comes to determining of an individual’s genetic and useful in forensic analysis. The DNA can be performed on a wide range of body fluids and tissues and more.

We also offer Special Screening Test Package for health screening that needs specific tests. Allergy Test.


Cardiac Panel

Infertility tests are done to help find out why a woman cannot become pregnant. The tests help find whether the problem is with the man, the woman, or both. Tests usually include a physical exam, semen analysis, blood tests, and special procedures.

Liver Disease


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Why Choose

Oxford Diagnostics ?

Who Are We?

Oxford Diagnostics Sdn Bhd is more than just a medical laboratory test provider.

We provide personalised and customised profile test and consultancy for both individuals and corporate clients.

These include reading and analyse the test results for you as well as recommending ways to enhance your health, including preventive measures, deficiency solutions and more.All at affordable rates that meet your budget.

What’s more, we are work 7 days a week and therefore, you can visit us anytime for your medical check-up.

We’ll be there for you

We provide services for both our walk-in customers and also house or office visit. No more long queues, traffic jams or hassle of parking.

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office for health check-up!

We’ll provide report consultancy

We just don’t provide a medical report but a thorough and comprehensive analysis and explanation or interpretation of results to all our customers.

No more worries of having a blood test without someone to explain the report and guide you what to do next.

We’re fast, accurate and meticulous

We carry out tests in laboratories with state-of-the-art technology by our highly trained, qualified and experienced team.

Whether it is a simple blood test or a Covid-19 test which requires much care, you can count on us for personalised attention.

We go beyond the call of duty

We run the extra mile to provide you with more than just delivering the report of your medical check-up.

We explain, consult and recommend the best possible solutions for a healthier you.

We’re affordable

No worries about our pricing. We understand the pandemic has caused everyone to tighten their wallet and therefore, our prices remain competitive and affordable.

No transport fee, no consultation fee and no credit card fee! And we also offer promotion packages from time to time.

We offer comprehensive health and medical test packages

Our medical and health services include COVID-19 Test,

Comprehensive Blood & Urine Packages,

Genetic DNA Profiling and Special Screening Test.