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We remain affordable at all times to enable people from all walk of life to enjoy a better and healthier lifestyle.
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About Oxford Diagnostics

The name Oxford may sound academic. But do you know it is this professionally-driven aspiration to ensure everyone deserves sustainable quality healthcare that led to the formation of Oxford Diagnostics Sdn Bhd in 2008?

That’s right. At Oxford Diagnostics, we always believe no one should be deprived of healthcare. Everyone regardless of their individual background as well as corporate firms deserve easy access to quality healthcare.

Fast. Accurate. Personalised. Professional in every way. This is the quintessence of our services in line with our aspiration to be a world-class healthcare service provider. We go the extra mile and beyond our call of duty to provide the highest standard of healthcare screening to everyone.

Whether it is regular health check-up, specific test or preventive screening, we will provide you with a detailed analysis and interpretation of your health report. These include advising you on preventive measures, nutritional intakes, lifestyle changes and recommendations to physicians or specialists to look into your illness. In this respect, it is important that illnesses like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and cancer are detected even before the situation worsens.

Professional consultants. Advanced facilities.

All our services are carried out professionally by trained, qualified and experienced healthcare personnel and backed by state-of-the-art medical laboratory facilities. To ensure everyone has easy access to healthcare, our service fees are affordably priced and competitive to suit your budget and needs.

If you want convenience medical check-up, we can visit your home or office. No hassle. It can be done easily anytime with our 7 day a week availability. Just ensure you have a strict 10 hours fasting (except plain water) before we drop by.

Remember, health is wealth and early detection through our health screening can make a difference to your life!

Our Oxford Diagnostics's

Vision And Mission


As a far-sighted caring corporate citizen, Oxford Diagnostics aims to be more that just a leading

healthcare service provider but a world-class healthcare which wants to ensure everyone has easy access to sustainable healthy quality living.

In short, we speak the language of healthcare and live and care for your life.

Why Us ?

We’re not your usual health and medical test provider.

We go beyond the call of duty to deliver more than just your medical report.

We provide thorough explanation, recommend solutions, preventive measures and more.

And we work 7 days a week for you.


To achieve our mission, we always run the extra mile by doing more than we provide. In this respect, we:

• To create health awareness on communicable & non-communicable disease through educational health talks and personal nutritional consultation.
• To provide healthcare service at customers choice of location and ensure their experience with us will be as pain and stress-free as possible.
• Create greater awareness of healthcare, especially communicable and non-communicable disease by giving health talks and personal nutritional consultation.
• Make life easier by making it even more convenient for customers to access and experience their medical check-up, and having more branches nationwide.
• Emphasise on “prevention is better than cure” as well as recommending the best solution to your health issues after your medical report.

our comprehensive packages

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Genetic DNA Profiling :

Special Screening Test:

Oxford Genetic Fitness Test

Oxford Derma Test

We offer a wide range of comprehensive health screening tests in accordance to current market demands, such as Covid-19 as well as regular health tests. Whether it is to suit individual needs or company needs for their employees, we got it covered.